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mardi, novembre 20

"...It's because we're in F_____," (you said it, not me)

Why just have one group striking during "La grève National" when you can have two? Yes, students AND public sector workers are currently on strike. The students are once again blocking the buildings (flashback CPE) and the trains have been off-schedule because of strikes for weeks.

To find out why (and not just my forever sarcastic reply "Because it's time for another strike" or "Who needs a reason to strike? They're French") click on the following links for more info.



The two causes have joined forces to march the streets of France today, EVEN THOUGH there are supposed to be talks to try to resolve the problem TOMORROW (for the public sector workers). What is wrong with this picture? Why not wait until after the talks to see what is proposed to see if the problem can't be resolved???

Because THAT would not be French.

So what IS French? Perhaps the mentality, "Let's strike just to show the government we're mad."



lundi, septembre 24

Fun on the phone

This what happens when you call a doctors office in America:

ring ring...

"Hello, the office of Dr. Smith, how may I help you?"

This is what happens when you call a doctors office in France:

ring ring...


"Um, er, uhh.... this is the eye doctors office, right?" (And in French, eye doctor is some horribly complicated word like 'Ophtalmogist' that I was desperately hoping to avoid having to repeat in front of a French person).

"Well of course you silly American. French people don't make mistakes while dialing phone numbers, so we don't need to introduce ourselves when answering the phone."

Opps. My bad.

dimanche, septembre 16

Film festival closing thoughts

A week later, and I can say I have had my fill of the lives of the rich and famous. I am sick of feeling unworthy. Sick of feeling poor, like I can't even afford (or am too cheap-the more likely possibility) to replace my pantyhose that have several visible touch-ups of clear nail polish. Sick of saying hello to people who make eye contact with me and then just look away, like I am not worthy of a greeting from their botox-injected lips. I worked at 2 hotels- the Normandy and the Hotel Royal. The Royal had mostly the American celebrities, and the Normandy, the French ones. Oddly enough, I felt more belittled in the Normandy. By the end of my long five days, I was so dégouté by this atmosphere of waiting hand and foot on people who, most of which I'm sure, are only famous because they happen to be born beautiful and/or are the brother of so-and-so. I understand there are those in Hollywood who are self-made stars, who have worked their way to the top from nothing- but these are the people who should understand the most what it is to work in the service industry. That we are all human beings, and that they are no better than the person standing across the counter from them.

My first day was definitely amazing- but I guess it took me a day to get over being star-struck and to see this world for what it really is. I would say that overall, I did enjoy my experience (except that whole extreme bordom factor when there was no one around) and that I learned alot about a milieu that I don't know, will never understand or be able to accept. It's good to learn what you want to do in life, but as well, what you don't.

jeudi, septembre 6

Natalie's Deauville Star Sighting Update- Day 2

Official star sightings for the day: Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck. I will note that I did see Casey Affleck as well on Day 1, but seeing as I feel he is only famous because of his brother (as the siblings of stars often are, i.e. Ashley Simpson) I guess I forgot to mention him. I saw as well a variety of French actors who were a part of the Jury, notably hottie Nicolas Cazalé, who I ran into in the womans bathroom- fancy that. :)

Embarressement factor: getting up there. Lets say 3. It wouldnt be embarressing though-- as I am quite good at bullshitting when i don't know something-- except for the guy sitting right at the desk behind my desk evesdropping (i'm paranoid) to everything i say. So my bullshitting tactic is useless because I can't bullshit with him sitting there. Alas, i think i might have to study up.

mardi, septembre 4

Natalie's Deauville Star Sighting Update- Official Day 1

Okay, so I honestly thought I was gonna come home from my day of work and have to call everyone telling them that I didn't even get to see BRAD PITT (like I gloated beyond belief that I was going to). BUT I DID. LIKE FIVE TIMES. and the last time he was probably five feet in front of my face. I even got a glimpse of ANGELINA JOLIE. oh yeah, and i managed as well to catch GEORGE CLOONEY as he was leaving the hotel. Today was absolutely the most amazing day, not only because I got to see stars (which i'm not like a star-stalker, but i've never ever seen one so it's a new feeling) but i got to chat with so many interesting people and i loved being allowed to smile and be friendly (unlike previous security gaurd job). I'm sure the rest of my deauville experience will nowhere near compare to my first day, but what a way to get things off to a great start.

Star count: 4 (does seeing someone several times count for more?) :)
Embarressement factor: still 0. amazingly. of course, my most frequent question was, "When's Brad Pitt coming?" That's kinda hard to mess up.

dimanche, septembre 2

Natalie's Deauville Star Sighting Update- Day 0 1/2

Hello Monica Bellucci's ass. Yeah, I could have seen her face, but I turned my head at the moment she was exiting the elevator.

Embarressement factor for not knowing the answers to questions people ask me, seeing as I AM the "point d'information":
0, Today was only a briefing about the job. But no, Hostesses are NOT just a pretty face (well, okay, maybe we are...)

lundi, juillet 23

Dear old french man walking down the street holding his granddaughter's hand and creepily staring me up and down...

please stop. you're with your granddaughter. and even if you weren't, it's just not cool.